Westbrook Announcements:

Senior Boys

Senior boys gather to pray and learn from Godly mentors on a Saturday morning called FUEL! Great things are in store for WCS this year!!!

2017-2018 Class Officers

Freshmen Class Officers

President- Joy Buchi

Vice President- Caroline Wethington

Secretary- Lauren Taylor

Treasurer- Ann Elise Gregerson

Chaplain- Chloe James

Sophomore Class Officers

President- Macie Beecham

Vice President- Emma Barber

Secretary- John Reese Bellew

Treasurer- Alyia Al-Homoud

Chaplain- Katelyn Morrow

Junior Class Officers

President- Alley Mc Sizemore

Vice President- Hunter Grimes

Secretary- Scarlet Stearns

Treasurer- Baden Kemp

Chaplain- Lilly Echeverri

Senior Class Officers

President- Kenzie Saunders

Vice President- Gracie Guyton

Secretary- Court Coley

Treasurer- Ellie Porter


Our PTF has a new name and purpose – Warrior Tribe!!  We have created teams (or tribes) to work together to fulfill the purpose of supporting the ministry of the school.  Here are the following teams:

Prayer Team – Coordinators – Elisa Alberghina and Vicki Wood

Events Team – Each grade 3k-12th will have 1 event leader to assist Event Coordinators in all school events (i.e. field day, 5k run, auction and talent showcase, teacher shopping day)

Hospitality Team – Each grade 3k-12th will have 1 Hospitality Leader that will assist Hospitality Coordinator (i.e. Donuts with Dad, Muffins with Mom, Grazing Day, Teacher Appreciation Day)

Set Up/Take Down Team – This team will assist the school during any functions/events that tables, chairs, gym floor cover, etc. are needed. This team will also assist other teams with clean up during take down.

If you are interested in serving on one of these teams, please contact one of our Warrior Tribe coordinators – Holly Ostendorf, hollyosten@comcast.net or Leslie Lipscomb, leslipscomb@yahoo.com.

Middle School Class Officers

Duarte 7th Grade Boys

President – Ethan Pratt

Vice President – Garrett Shoars

Secretary/Treasurer – Bryantt Jones

Chaplain – Aiden Hull

Anaba 7th Grade Boys

President – Andrew Bayer

Vice President – Max Ewing

Secretary/Treasurer – Eli Childs

Chaplain – Asher Curp

Hooker 7th Grade Girls

President – Julianna Garrett

Vice President – Ella Keene

Secretary – Allie Blevins

Treasurer – Jenah Goosby

Chaplain – Aislyn Godfrey

Robinson 7th Grade Girls

President – Liana Shah

Vice President – Isabella Millirons

Secretary – Anna Kilgo

Treasurer – Uche Osuji

Chaplain – Molly Upton

Mintz 8th Grade Boys

President – Grayson Kellett

Vice President – Jon Cannon Cook

Secretary/Treasurer – Will Kemp

Chaplain – Jackson Martin

Woodham 8th Grade Boys

President – Jacob Kelley

Vice President – Evans Sizemore

Secretary – Andrew Martin

Treasurer – Hayes Wiggins

Chaplain – Hunter Millirons

Hughes 8th Grade Girls

President – Abby Schomburg

Vice President – Madelyn Strain

Secretary – Jalyn Ingram

Treasurer – Clare Goodwin

Chaplain – Maggie Morgan

Elementary Class T-shirt Order Form

Parents and students our Elementary Class T-shirts are now available for purchase. Please complete the order form and return it to your child’s teacher. We have listed child and adult sizes for both parents and students to purchase the shirt. Make all checks payable to Westbrook Christian School.  Class shirts are sponsored by the Junior Class for a PROM fundraiser.

Elementary Class T-shirt Order Form

Solar Eclipse – August 21

Many of you have asked what we have planned for the solar eclipse on August 21.  We have asked for recommendations from one of our local ophthalmologists, Dr. Tony Catanzaro, to determine what is safe to do for our students. He recommended viewing only with approved safety glasses and only for a few glimpses – not for a long time.  He also recommended the following website for more specific information:  https://www.aao.org/eye-health/tips-prevention/how-to-safely-watch-great-american-eclipse-of-2017.  Since we have very small children in our school and this event has the potential to cause serious eye damage, we will view the live streaming online provided by NASA for most of our classes.  You are welcome to check your children out and watch the eclipse with your family.  These check-outs will be excused.  I would caution you to be sure the glasses you choose are approved.  It is my understanding that there are several fake vendors online.

Senior Parents

Sign up for Reminders for ACT dates, scholarship applications, etc. through Remind…

Remind Invite

Friday Night Before the Lights

Join us, August 18th at the football stadium, to kick off our 2017 Westbrook Football Season! Meet the team and enjoy a meal and games with our Westbrook family. Go Warriors!

Click on the link to download the form

Friday Night Before the Lights


Administrator: Mrs. Greer

Elementary/Early Childhood Director: Mrs. Handley

Assistant Principal: Mr. Kennedy